When Women Speak Up & Embark on Adventures


Dear Readers,

In this issue of ZIVA VOICES, we are exploring two distinct themes: “Speak Up” and “Adventure.” To me, these themes are not entirely unrelated – for many women in many circumstances, both require courage, tenacity and the occasional stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

What does it feel like for you to “Speak Up” in the spaces you occupy? For some, it’s a rallying cry to raise our voices and to give power to words that need to be spoken.

For ZIVA VOICES, it’s always about amplifying the voices of women and sharing the stories that need to be heard. In a world where every voice matters, we believe it’s our duty to provide a platform for those stories that have often gone unnoticed. In these pages, you will find inspiring accounts of women who’ve faced adversity head-on, and by speaking up, they’ve not only transformed their own lives, but also touched the lives of others. They remind us that our stories, our experiences, our struggles are not to be kept hidden. Rather, they are to be celebrated, because they have the power to ignite change.

Likewise, the theme of “Adventure” is one of sharing stories to inspire, to show what is possible.

For each of us, life is a journey, and it’s the moments of stepping into the unknown, taking risks, and persevering through challenges that truly define our spirit. In this section, we explore an array of adventures that our contributors have embraced in the face of challenging circumstances. From exploring uncharted territories to conquering personal challenges, I hope these women’s stories will encourage you to chase your own dreams and adventures, even when (especially when?) they against the grain.

At the heart of these themes and the stories shared within, we find a common thread of boldness and courage.

It takes courage to speak up when silence feels like the safer choice, and it takes courage to embark on an adventure that holds uncertainty. As women, we have an indomitable spirit, a thirst for progress, and the power to make change happen. Our stories, your stories, are a testament to that power.

As we delve into the stories and adventures of the remarkable women in this issue, remember that you, too, are part of this incredible journey.


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