Aubrey Girouard


Aubrey is from Tampa, Florida. She graduated from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg before moving to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law. Aubrey worked at the Office of the Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney where her passion for finding justice for victims of domestic violence and strangulation began. She is now at The Nest representing survivors in Domestic Violence Order and Interpersonal Protective Order hearings.

Learn more about Aubrey here:

Name of your business, website, social media handles

The Nest – Center for Women, Children, and Families; instagram:aubreykbr13

What has been our greatest & favorite achievement so far and why?

Being a voice for victims of domestic and interpersonal violence

What does success mean to you?

Having the ability to give back to my community.

What does women's empowerment look like to you in action?

Standing up for those who have been or are being silenced

What would you tell 19-year-old YOU?

Anything is possible

What is your favorite place for our audience to reach you?


Learn more about Aubrey here:

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