Becoming an Empowered “Feminine”


Do not follow the familiar path. Instead, you must go to where no one has been before, and leave a trail for others to follow.

By Renée Warren

There were times I felt I needed to step away from my true self to be the leader my team and family needed. I thought that wearing a masculine veil was the only way to success, especially in business. My clients at the time were mostly men in the tech space, and it was shamefully evident that there was no space for feminine energy. As a parent, I felt too soft to give into my kids’ emotional needs. It seemed as though parenting required strict discipline with little room for nurture and compassion. The pressure from society had a tight grip on how I functioned as an entrepreneur and mother.

It was exhausting and overwhelming wearing this masculine suit all day. Heavy and uncomfortable at times, it weighed me down. It stifled my progress and stunted my ability to lead with conviction. I was embarrassed to show up in a compassionate way, thinking I would lose a deal, upset a client, or raise children that were incompetent.

After living up to crazy standards, I broke. The pressure to function in my masculine energy more often than not was making me sick. Quite literally I was ill; night sweats, heartburn, and lethargy were my daily affliction. I often wondered when it would all end? Would I live life completely disheveled? Seems I was headed that way.

There came a day that I finally tore it all off, discovered my full potential, and leaned into becoming an empowered feminine. These same powers and acknowledgments are available to you too. Here’s how to achieve it:

Surround yourself with other empowered women

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so choose your circle wisely. Make friends with other empowered women who can support your growth and change.

Do work that fulfills you

Find meaning and purpose in the work that you do. This will lead you to more abundance and prosperity. The more fulfilled you are with your work, the more everyone around you prospers as well.

Invest in a hobby

Do something different that challenges you. I started taking drum lessons when I was 38 years old. When my husband asked me “What’s the purpose of this?” I replied, “To challenge myself and experience something different.”

Encourage others

It feels good to be a lighthouse, to guide people and lift others up. In those moments, you become a better version of yourself.

Learn to say no more often

You will be more proud of the things you say no to than of the commitments you make that are misaligned with your purpose. Protect your time wisely.

Establish achievable goals for yourself

Create goals that fall just outside your comfort zone. When you cross that line between feeling comfortable and pursuing something that scares you, that’s when growth happens. And it’s very empowering.

Create an annual plan

Keep it simple. Add your goal(s) and create the plan to make it happen. It does not have to be perfect, but you do have to write it down and share it with someone else.

Invest in your core values

In living a purposeful life as an empowered woman, you need to create a list of core values and subscribe to your personal ethos every day. Values aren’t selected, we discover and reveal them. They define who you are.

Make use of your freedom

Becoming empowered is about recognizing your inherent privilege and making decisions about how you can use it to help others.

Practice daily self-care

It’s been suggested that you take at least 30-minutes to do something that feeds your soul, relaxes, and calms you. Whatever that is for you; a bath, a walk-in nature, a workout, a good book, schedule it and make this a priority in your day just as you would eat healthily and workout.

Empowerment is something you have to do for yourself. You can’t rely on others to take initiative. And be keenly mindful of those that you surround yourself with. Are they supporting you or taking power away? When you can really take control of your life and make important decisions yourself is when you will feel positive energy and good all around you.

About the author

Renée is a Business Coach and Founder of We Wild Women. She helps you grow your business using her proven Leadership, Marketing, and Scaling methodologies.

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