Dr Maike Neuhaus


Dr. Maike Neuhaus, founder of The Flourishing Doc, is one of today’s most forward-thinking and globally acclaimed psychologists, specializing in behavior change strategies and positive psychology. In her roles as speaker, coach, and educator, Dr Maike guides high achievers from mere success to true significance. She’s a highly-cited author, having published in international scientific journals, encyclopedias, and the world’s largest psychology and wellness platforms and magazines. Dr. Neuhaus stands out for her evidence-based approach, combining scientific rigor with practical wisdom to empower individuals to lead regret-free lives.

Learn more about Dr. Maike here:

Name of your business, website, social media handles

The Flourishing Doc, https://www.theflourishingdoc.com/ , @theflourishingdoc

What does success mean to you?

A wealth of discretionary time to spend my life in line with values

What is your mantra or favorite saying? (If it's a known quote, please let us know who said it first!)

Live authentically, dream fearlessly, lead boldly

What is your favorite place for our audience to reach you?

Insta, Threads, LinkedIn, Calendly

Learn more about Dr. Maike Neuhaus here:

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