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Ziva Voices – HerStory in the Making

Ziva Voices – HerStory in the Making is a pioneering organization dedicated to collecting and amplifying women’s stories, providing a powerful platform to connect and empower women globally. Our mission is to bridge the gender gap in media by showcasing the rich diversity of women’s experiences, achievements, and contributions. Through our bookazine, community initiatives, workshops, and events, we promote women’s voices and provide accessible support through an extensive global network.

We aim to create a world where women’s contributions, creativity, and voices are recognized, celebrated, and given equal opportunities. By highlighting how women positively impact their communities and economies, we aim to shift societal paradigms from individualism to community, exploitation to sustainability, and competition to collaboration. We strive to change the system by transforming the portrayal of women and elevating what is truly valuable in our society.

Ziva Voices champions the principles of equality through visibility, accessibility through recognition, and independence through empowerment. Our values are embodied in the meaning of “Ziva,” which signifies radiance, brilliance, and the conscious understanding of knowledge. We are a collective movement that believes that “what we cannot change alone, we will change together”.

We are committed to giving one million women worldwide access to workshops, publishing, and collaboration opportunities by 2030, driving equality and empowerment one article at a time. Our innovative web3 community fosters connections, resource sharing, and dialogues, empowering women to thrive and create lasting change.

Join us in amplifying women’s voices and transforming social narratives for a better, more equitable world.

Our Goals:

  • Collect and amplify women’s stories globally.
  • Promote women’s visibility and contributions in media.
  • Provide accessible support through a global network.
  • Shift societal paradigms towards community and collaboration.
  • Empower women through workshops, publishing, and collaboration opportunities.

Our Values:

  • Equality Through Visibility
  • Accessibility Through Recognition
  • Independence Through Empowerment

Ziva Voices is more than an organization; it is a movement of women leading in business, entrepreneurship, and their communities, working together to create a brighter, more inclusive future.

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