The Power behind Pain


The Power behind Pain: Issue No.3 Sep-Nov 2022

When I envisioned an issue on the topic of pain, I pictured the writers of this bookazine tackling anything from chronic pain or the occasional migraine that may be hindering you from achieving your daily goals. But as you will explore here, pain also shows up as an emotional experience: from grief and sorrow to jealousy, shame, confusion, and even the inability to experience joy.

The authors in this issue share some of their most personal and painful experiences, diving into the experience of losing a child and not being able to fulfill a childhood dream, down to the day-to-day practicality of overcoming physical and mental pain.

We will be exploring how people manage to integrate pain into their life as part of the flow of their daily existence. We will see how some, instead of being disabled by their pain, take energy from it and learn to understand it as part of their identity.

I have to admit that I often push pain aside instead of embracing it as part of life. This is not optimal because suppressed or unacknowledged pain can come back at the most unfortunate moments and nip you in the buttocks!


Just like anger, suppressed pain has the power to pull the rug from under your feet when you least expect it. Not addressing pain can be a self-destructive ticking time-bomb which, once released, may become rather too unbearable to process without professional help.

In this issue, we have 14 incredible women sharing their personal experiences, best practices, and how-to- deal-with-pain tools to help you stay ahead and understand pain as part of life and as part of you!

Thank you for joining us in this most necessary exploration of one of life’s daily burdens.

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